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Garage Door Repair Mercer Island believe that a good service - no matter if it is garage door repairs, or fixing a rolling gate –start from one basic thing: you need to love what you do, and you need to enjoy sharing your knowledge and help those who need your service.

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We at Garage Door Repair Mercer Island love our job, and after many years in the garage door repair field, we have a lot to share. If you ask one of our garage doors customers in Mercer Island, they will tell you the same thing, if you need overhead door service in MA, you can trust Mercer Island Garage Door Repair to do the best job for an honest price.

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You can trust them to come on time, to do a professional job, and to give you a fair price, no matter how small or big is the project. It can be basic garage door maintenance, or new residential overhead door installation, we can do the job, and make your garage work again by the end of the day.

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When it is time to update your garage door in Mercer Island, there is no better company than Garage Door Repair Mercer Island. We are a full-service home remodeling contractor; licensed, bonded, and insured for work in Washington. We offer an extensive list of options in Mercer Island for all your needs. We help take care of it at the best possible price.

Take time and meet with our garage door specialists today to get a free estimate for your door or gate projects around Mercer Island. Mercer Island Garage Door Repair can help you identify different options and offer ideas about how to make over that area. As a garage door specialist, we help you see the potential. Mercer Island Garage Door Repair wants you to tell us what you want and need so we can make it happen.

It doesn't matter if it's a garage door, a overhead gate, a roll-up door, our Mercer Island garage door service company can both service and install whatever you're looking to accomplish in residential garage doors.

Whether that means a new residential garage door install or a residential overhead door, you can count on Mercer Island Garage Door Repair to exceed your expectations.

Garage Door Mercer Island WA

The garage door you use almost every day is sometime the door which you are using the most to enter your house or where you work, in case you own industrial overhead garage door. And sometime there are more people who use the garage door as the main entrance to the house. It can be your wife who park her car inside the garage every day, and entering home directly from the garage. And since some garage doors in Mercer Island may be used several times a day, simple calculation can bring us to the result that there are garage doors in Mercer Island that are being used thousands of times very day.
And when an overhead door in Mercer Island is being used so often, and while most people ignore the need of garage doors is LA County for maintenance, we meet during our garage door service in Mercer Island people with garage doors which are in very bad condition. Our job, as a professional and reliable garage door provider, is to provide our client with the best advice regarding their garage door. In some situations, repairing a garage door in Mercer Island may be the best option, but not once it is better for you to completely replace the old overhead door with a brand new garage door. If you live in Mercer Island WA, and you are not sure what the best option for you, get in touch with us, and we will be happy to help.
All King County Garage Doors offer a variety of overhead door services in Mercer Island and in King County County. We offer industrial garage door services, garage door installment, and even Storefront gate and doors repairs. But we are not limited just to that area. If a client who heard about our service, but he live someplace else in King County, we will never say no. Servicing overhead doors is what we do, and we will never say no to a client who need our help.


Sometime the problem is simple to resolve, like a safety sensor adjustment, or garage door lubrication; and sometime it is a common problem, such as garage door spring replacement, which is a task we are dealing with almost on a daily base. The important thing when your garage door is broken or damaged, and it doesn’t matter if it is a garage door repair in Mercer Island WA or anywhere else in King County, is to not try and make the door work, or to try and force it using excessive force, when obviously there is something that need to be fixed. The best thing for you to do will be to get in touch a local garage door specialist in Mercer Island, who offer same day and emergency garage doors and gates repairs so he can come and fix the problem, and allow you to get back to use a perfectly operating overhead door.
All King County Garage Doors offer to service any overhead door in Mercer Island, and with our same day service in King County, we will repair the door broken door today. We have the experience to locate the problem on the spot, and wince we carry the parts for almost every overhead door in Mercer Island with us, we can probably complete the repair on the spot.

There are 2 things that a good garage door should include in the repair, and this goes for every garage door repair, whether industrial overhead door repair in Mercer Island WA, or any overhead door repair in California:

  • Every garage door specialist should be able to locate the problem, and should be able to fix it and get the door to work smoothly again. That is why we train all our technicians in Mercer Island to make sure the located the problem first, and only then to start the repair itself.
  • The garage door tech need to find the reason for the problem, and repair it so it won’t happen again. To make things more real: If the garage spring broke, due to lack of lubrication, or due to age and excessive use, there is nothing much to do, besides repairing the problem and  lubricate the garage door by the end of the job. But if the spring of your garage door in Mercer Island 91356 broke since the springs weren’t the right springs for the door, or if the tension on the springs wasn’t right, the technician should replace both springs with the right springs, and make sure that the pressure is the right for the door.

We built a reputation as the best garage doors company in King County, and we will do anything to continue building and maintain that reputation. And in order to do that, we train our technicians to make sure that by the end of every repair in Mercer Island, they need to make sure that the door is working properly, and that the client is satisfied with the final repair. We have performed countless amount of garage repairs in Mercer Island, and we can proudly say that after so many years, no garage door task will surprise us.



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Residential Garage Repair

The importance of getting high quality garage door and opener when planning a new garage door installation. In normally include one more part and that is the installation job. If you purchased the best garage door, but you did not hire a qualified installer to perform the installation, there is a chance that you will find in few years that you made a mistake. The installer is as important as the quality of the door.

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Garage Doors Install

We place a premium on giving every customer in Mercer Island our attention and care that exceeds expectations. There is no compromise in this respect and this is why we take up only limited projects that allow us to give the personal care and custom made solutions that we are so well known for.

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To get in touch with Mercer Island Garage Door Repair, please call us at (206) 800-6741, or simply fill the push the button below. We offer 24-7 repairs, and since we carry parts for residential overhead doors from all brands in Mercer Island, we will probably complete the service on the spot.

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Most garage doors require an investment of time and patience, and it’s often difficult to decide what is the problem, how to do it, and how long it will take. Mercer Island Garage Door Repair will help you get started today, give us a call! (206) 800-6741

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Mercer Island Garage Door Repair has been in the garage door repair business for over 20 years and for us it is important to understand the functional needs of the your garage. All the elements in your garage door system should flow together correctly, which is achieved by balancing area space with design. A great garage door is achieved by making sure all the necessary parts working in perfect order. Meaning the parts used are from the best manufacturers.

Mercer Island Garage Door Repair is a full-service Mercer Island based residential and residential garage door technicians (licensed by the state of Washington), with a straight forward design and service ideology. We design and install garage doors for Residential clients throughout the Mercer Island area. It doesn't matter if it is a residential garage door in Mercer Island, residential roll-up gate in Mercer Island, Mercer Island Garage Door Repair always will always do the job right.

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